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Podini Foundation ONLUS

Podini Foundation Health, education and dignified life; those are the fundamentals we want to achieve with the work at the Podini Foundation, with specific interventions in Africa, South – East Asia and for the last few years in our home, Trentino Alto Adige.

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We spend our energies to create more

EnecoEneco was founded in the '90s with a focus on producing and trading energy. It soon became a leader in the free italian energy market and, over the years, has paid growing attention to environmental issues. Today, Eneco focuses on energy assets from renewable energy sources. Eneco Valcanale has developed, implemented and still manages the only private network between two member states of the european union. Eneco's success can be traced back to its earnestness and competence when delivering new energy. 
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We nourish your interests

MaxiMaxi, a company specialising in the sugar trade, founded in 1950 and which has since supplied the main Italian production companies in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. Thanks to an extensive distribution network throughout the entire nation, and a team of expert partners, Maxi is able to meet the needs of every customer with flexibility, professionalism and quick management.

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Your space is our world

ImmoholdingBalance, harmony, quality: these are only a few of the principles that have inspired Immoholding since 1989, giving even more value to every project. More value to every project. Residential, commercial, tourist and real estate complexes: every idea is designed and built by a team of professionals and experts who work together to ensure top results.

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Serving your success

Data ConsultingSince 40 years we advise businesses in the fields of taxation, corporate governance, finance, personnel administration and accounting. The 45 employees together with a team of professionals from the various disciplines have developed an effective approach thus obtaining the trust of many companies from all economic sectors.

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Qualified professionals

Podini & PartnersPodini & Partners, thanks to its qualified professionals, offers real support to its customers for every ordinary and extra-ordinary operation connected to the management of the company or personnel assets. The Podini & Partners team is also able to respond to the needs of international businesses, offering consulting in Italian as well as German, Spanish and English.

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We grow our passion for wine

AmpeleiaAmpeleia is not just a company, it's a project. It is based on the interaction and research of the synergy between man and nature. The variety and enormous potential of the natural environment where the company is built, combined with the experience of the people who work there, are at the root of the extraordinary quality of every one of its wines.

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Unionplus - Your food partner

UnionplusUnionplus guarantees the supply of dairy products, ingredients and semi-finished products of various types and qualities which are essential for the production of ice cream, baked goods, finished products, chocolate and sweets. Our philosophy is to grow together with each and every one of our customers. Our company always strives to meet their needs while being constantly at their side.

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