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Four generation of hard workers

At the beginning of the 20th century, before world war I, Carlo Podini and his sons Oreste, Vittorio, and Mario founded a dairy in Lodi, Milan. After the end of the war in 1919, Oreste moved to south Tyrol, while Vittorio opened another dairy in Udine. After 1927, the siblings decided to focus their business in south Tyrol. In 1929, Podini & Co. became the first registered company in the Bolzano chamber of commerce. In the following decade, grandfather Vittorio passed on the passion for the food industry to his three sons: Giancarlo, Patrizio and Piergiorgio. During the 80s, Giancarlo's sons joined the family business: Giovanni, Alessandro and Stefano. They founded Podini Holdng, a corporate group leader in various market segments. As their predecessors, they too are waiting for the next generation to join the family business. 


The path of the Podini family has always been distinguished by an on-going pursuit of development and innovation; this has allowed the family to reach great achievements, making Podini Spa a solid and established business in various fields, while keeping the Land and Man at the centre of their focus.