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Our values are our strong point

Family tradition and unity, passion and commitment: these qualities have helped us create a solid business that stands out in every sector. Today Podini Company is synonymous with quality and excellence, in every field. We get the job done, we are flexible yet solid: these are the qualities that sustain our business. Awareness and dedication push our companies and partners to achieve increasingly better results, to reach the highest objectives together: excellence! 

Our commitment to social causes

The group's social commitment focuses on two aspects: humanitarian and environmental. For over 40 years, the Podini family, on both a personal level and through its non-profit organisation, the Podini Foundation, has been involved in humanitarian causes for people in Eritrea and Cambodia who live below the subsistence level, focusing mainly on children and the young, and supporting initiatives to promote their right to education, health and a decent future. To do so, the Podini Foundation follows the universal principles of brotherhood and the solidarity of mankind, and works to spread sustainable development, in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the UN's Millennium Goals.

Our commitment to the environment

The noble inclination of harmony and respect towards every form of the environment and nature is reflected in every business initiative connected to every company in the Podini Group. For this reason we support initiatives and policies that help reduce the ecological impact on the community in order to improve the quality of life today, and contribute to a more sustainable future.